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World's 1st Free
NFTs Marketplace
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About Us

The Game Changes When
Good Vibes & Smiles are
Sent/ Forwarded

With Excelli, you can also send smiles across
the screens even when you are apart a mile

  • Chat

    Use our chat tool to communicate with people you know through your personal (mobile) contacts and Excelli social following

  • Flicks

    Share and create content on our social network to socialize and engage

  • Group Buy

    Increase your savings by engaging in group buying on our e-commerce platform

  • Shopping

    You can pick from a broad range of product categories on our e-commerce platform and enjoy the joy of new goods arriving at your home

  • Excelli Coins

    Get rewarded with crypto coins (Excelli Coins) for every transaction or piece of content you make on this platform

This way, feel the rejoice of decreasing distance, optimized shopping experience, and savings that make every moment spent heartful & heartfelt. With this unique idea, we crave to bring the best of both the words- Social and Shopping


Excelli Coins

Introducing the World's 1st
Progressive Crypto Token

With Excelli’s unique rewards program “Excelli Coins” you will start
exploring the world of crypto as Excelli coins are backed by
Blockchain enabled Crypto token.

Coins you earn by “sharing, posting, shopping & generating trending”
content on Excelli can be used for all transactions and payments you
perform on our platform.

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NFTs Marketplace

Introducing the World's 1st
Free NFTs Marketplace

  • Introducing World’s First free NFTs
    Marketplace, where users can Create &
    Sell NFTs for free
  • Revolutionary Social NFTs Marketplace
    powered by integrated Social and Chat
  • Users in Excelli can easily mint NFTs,
    Promote in the social network and sell
    them in the marketplace
  • Users can share NFTs to their friends,
    family, and anyone through Chat
  • Anyone including Influencers &
    Celebrities can monetize by promoting
    and selling NFTs
*Standard Solana gas fees apply for creating NFTs

Excelli Metaverse

An intuitive chat platform with robust privacy controls that enables you to seamlessly engage
with your social and mobile contacts.

  • State-of-the-art Metaverse governed by community, through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)
  • Users can buy NFTs in the game through the marketplace
  • Decisions are based on user consensus Peer-to-peer developers (content creators) directly earn revenue from sales
  • Users/gamers can earn through play or participation in platform governance
  • Royalties on secondary trades of NFTs to creators
*Data charges may apply as per your service provider

Interested to sell

List your business online and grow it exponentially with excelli. You only
need a GST, PAN and an active bank account to create your seller account

Why sell on Excelli?

Offer group buying

Revolutionary Group Buying Platform powered by integrated social network which can boost your sales.

Growth for all sellers

Equal opportunities to all kinds of sellers to connect with customers to grow their business.

Receive timely payments

Payment process is transparent and sellers are credited with their payment on time.


Exceptional shipping coverage

Excelli offers services to 95% of serviceable pin codes across India which gives sellers an option to serve to millions of customers. Excelli’s pick up service makes the delivery process hassle free for sellers.


How to sell on excelli?

Create Account
List your products
Receive timely payments
Exceptional shipping coverage

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