Frequently Asked Questions

​​1) Who can use Excelli?

Excelli's super app is designed for people from every walk of life. With a simple registration process, users can get started using the app straightaway.

2) Is Excelli secure?

User's account information in the Excelli super app is protected as follows:

  • A 4-digit device PIN which they set up after they enter their email address and password used for logging in
  • Biometric authentication can be enabled on compatible devices to verify the identity
  • User access expires after 90 days of app inactivity

However, it is suggested that users do not share their login information with anyone else.

3) Is Excelli free?

Yes, the Excelli app is free and the users do not have to pay anything to use it. However, mobile data usage fees may apply.

4) How to update the Excelli app?

If the user's phone is set to automatically update, they will not be required to do anything. However, if they manually update the app they will receive a push notification from either the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store reminding them to update the Excelli app.

5) How to get the Excelli app?

Visit the App Store or Google Play and download the app straight to the device. Downloading from any other third-party providers is not recommended.

6) What device should the users use?

Users can use the Excelli app on an Android or iOS (Apple) smartphone or tablet. For security reasons, these devices must be running Android version 6 or above or iOS version 10 or above. The Excelli app is not available on Windows mobile devices.

7) What if users have forgotten their login credentials?

Users can reset their password or request a reminder of their username in case they forget their login credentials.

8) Can someone log in to the user's account from other devices?

Users can login to their excelli account from one mobile device which will be their primary mobile device. If they attempt to login from another mobile device, it will warn the user whether they want to use the new mobile device as a primary mobile device. If the user decides to proceed, the data from the older mobile device will be wiped out and the new mobile device will become the primary mobile device. For more information, please see Excelli's help section.

9) Can the users switch between multiple Excelli accounts?

No, a user can have only one Excelli account on a mobile device. If the user wants to access another Excelli account, they need to uninstall the application and reinstall it and login with the other account details.