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Your new gateway to engage, share, shop at the
same time and get rewarded with Excelli coins

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About Us

The Game Changes When
Good Vibes & Smiles are
Sent/ Forwarded

With Excelli, you can also send smiles across
the screens even when you are apart a mile

  • Chat

    Use our chat tool to communicate with people you know through your personal (mobile) contacts and Excelli social following

  • Flicks

    Share and create content on our social network to socialize and engage

  • Group Buy

    Increase your savings by engaging in group buying on our e-commerce platform

  • Shopping

    You can pick from a broad range of product categories on our e-commerce platform and enjoy the joy of new goods arriving at your home

  • XLE Coins

    Get rewarded with crypto coins (Excelli Coins) for every transaction or piece of content you make on this platform

This way, feel the rejoice of decreasing distance, optimized shopping experience, and savings that make every moment spent heartful & heartfelt. With this unique idea, we crave to bring the best of both the words- Social and Shopping


Excelli Chat

An intuitive chat platform with robust privacy controls that enables you to seamlessly engage
with your social and mobile contacts.


Your Privacy, Our

We commit our strong assurance to safeguard your privacy and share a bond of reliability, honesty, and clarity with end-to-end secure encryption of all your personal data.


Tired of switching
between social & chat

With Excelli you will have a unified experience of engaging with your social connections and personal mobile contacts, without toggling platforms.


Express, Share and
Engage with friends,
family and teams with
Excelli group chat

Excelli group chat uniquely enables you to set up groups with social and mobile connections as chat participants.


Instant sharing

Share image, video, audio, document and location data with your Excelli connections instantly and securely.


Keep the conversation
going with Excelli Chat

Have endless conversations, send text , video & audio messages to your friends, family & teams, anytime anywhere. Excelli uses your data connection so you can avoid SMS and MMS costs.

*Data charges may apply as per your service provider


Excelli Social

Dive into a new age social experience

Excelli, India's first integrated social commerce platform where you can engage with friends and family, shop together using Excelli’s groundbreaking/ state-of-the-art/ group-buying feature while you maximize your savings.

To connect Beyond

The world is a global village and Excelli aims to amplify your business, enhance your ideas/thoughts and create a personal touch.

Create, Share and Enjoy short videos with Excelli Flicks

Platform to create short fun and entertaining multi-clip videos which lets you explore creative ways to go trending and get rewarded with Excelli coins.

Build and Promote your brand

Excelli, India's first integrated social commerce platform where you can engage with friends and family, shop together using Excelli’s groundbreaking/ state-of-the-art/ group-buying feature while you maximize your savings.

The Best of both worlds- Shop and Social

Excelli’s unified social and shopping platform that enables you to buy together with friends and family & get rewarded with Excelli coins while you enjoy and engage with your social connections

Excelli Shopping

Bring a unique shopping experience to your doorstep


Bag Exclusive Deals

Avail great discounts with Excelli deals of the week

Buy and save together

Special group buy deals to maximize your savings

Go shopaholic

Get your hands on our extensive collection and earn Excelli coins on successful group buy purchases

Excelli Coins

With Excelli’s unique rewards program “Excelli
Coins” you will start exploring the world of
crypto as Excelli coins are backed by Blockchain
enabled Crypto token.

Coins you earn by “sharing, posting, shopping &
generating trending” content on Excelli can
be used for all transactions and payments you
perform on our platform.

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Interested to sell

List your business online and grow it exponentially with excelli. You only
need a GST, PAN and an active bank account to create your seller account

Why sell on Excelli?

Offer group buying

Revolutionary Group Buying Platform powered by integrated social network which can boost your sales.

Growth for all sellers

Equal opportunities to all kinds of sellers to connect with customers to grow their business.

Receive timely payments

Payment process is transparent and sellers are credited with their payment on time.


Exceptional shipping coverage

Excelli offers services to 95% of serviceable pin codes across India which gives sellers an option to serve to millions of customers. Excelli’s pick up service makes the delivery process hassle free for sellers.


How to sell on excelli?

Create Account
List your products
Receive timely payments
Exceptional shipping coverage