Privacy Policy

We (Excelli PVT LTD) understand the importance of your personal information and treat it with care. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, and disclose your personally identifiable information (PII) when you visit or use Excelli app. The word "Platform" is used to refer to both website and app. The platform and/or Excelli PVT LTD is referred to as "we," "our," or "us," or the "Company." The term "you," "your," or "user" refers to anybody who uses our platform.

By accepting our Privacy Policy, you consent to our use of your personal information in line with this Privacy Statement, as updated by us occasionally. You also agree to us collecting, storing, processing, transferring, and exchanging your personal information with third parties or service providers for the reasons described in this Privacy Notice.

What kind of personal information do we gather about you?

Your personal information is collected so that we can deliver and enhance our services. Below is a list of the information we collect from the data you give.

  • When you create a user account on our app, we can collect information about you. The following information is required: user ID, phone number, password, gender, and IP address. We may collect an estimate of your age to see if you are of legal age to utilize our platform and some services

  • In addition to the log-in data, we collect your photo and the description you give to your user profile

  • Excelli will ask user permission to access the mobile contact list, images and gallery for certain services which the user uses on the platform. You have the option to deny access

  • We can also gather information if you contact us via phone, e-mail, or other methods to reset your password or receive an OTP

  • We record user actions like liking and sharing a post on the social platform, ordering items on the e-commerce platform, product and service feedback

  • We can gather and keep some of your personal and transactional information while you provide a review on products and services

  • Excelli users are notified for a variety of user actions and events (sale and promotional events) via email, in-app notifications, SMS’s etc. Excelli also provides users to restrict in-app notifications using the Excelli settings

  • We will store and use quotations, photos, political opinions, religious views, and other information about you or pertaining to you that you freely share on the platform

  • We also view and moderate every post you make on the Social and E-commerce platform, including images, videos, and voice recordings, photos obtained from your camera, and/or microphone sensor), and locations

  • We do not view or moderate content shared on our chat platform as the messages are end to end encrypted

  • We also collect IP addresses, locations, URLs, or your device. We will use this information to provide you a seamless and a personalized experience

  • We also keep track of any searches you perform on the platform

For what purpose do we use your information and how?

This information is used to assist you in creating your platform profile and user account

  • To make communication easier, especially providing user assistance

  • To develop new services, update existing services, and incorporate customer and/or user feedback and requirements and/or requests into the platform

  • We can provide linguistic and location-based support with this

  • You can utilize the information we collect and analyze about you to troubleshoot, test, study, protect your data, identify fraud, manage your account, and even participate in surveys

  • Your data enables us to better understand and improve the platform's user experience

  • We can tailor your feed by learning about your preferences

  • To connect with you via various channels using your personal information

  • We use your personal information to show you advertisements for features, goods, and services that we think you'd like

  • To allow you to quickly retrieve past searches. Analytics will be used to personalize your experience and offer you ads that are relevant to you

  • To offer you personalized experience, we also collect PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and transactional data

Does Excelli share your personal information?

We do not share, sell or distribute our users information to third parties and businesses. since knowledge about them is vital to our operations and reputation. Any data shared on Excelli will only be used in the ways described below. Controls that are either subject to this Privacy Notice or follow procedures that are at least as safe as those outlined in this Privacy Notice.

Content: Everyone, including search engines, can see any post on a user's or another user's profile, such as a comment in Excelli Social and E-commerce platform. Any information you voluntarily disclose for posting to the platform, including your profile page information, is accessible to anyone.

What You Share with Others: You pick the audience to share, engage and participate with. We have no control over and will not be accountable for how such individuals utilize the information you give to them.

Your Chat Messages- With end-to-end encryption, your chat messages are saved on your device rather than being kept on our servers. Your communications are removed from our systems once they have been sent.

Media Forwarding-
Excelli will temporarily store media which is forwarded in an encrypted format on our servers, this is done for efficient and reliable delivery of the media messages, preventing data loss or leakage.

*Excelli and its subsidiaries are not accountable for any data voluntarily shared by users to their audiences within or outside or Excelli platforms.

Third Parties:

  • Non personal information like interests, activities (sharing, liking, commenting), excelli search history, product search, product reviews, groups and pages you follow, may be used by business partners, suppliers, and subcontractors to help offer, understand, and improve the Service and third-party services for the fulfillment of any contract we enter into with you.

  • Advertisers and ad networks need the information to choose and display relevant ads to you and others. We do not supply marketers with personally identifying information, but we may provide them with aggregate information about our users. We may also utilize such aggregate data to assist marketers in reaching the audience they desire.

  • If we feel it is reasonable to disclose your personal data or information to government authorities or law enforcement agencies. To meet any legal requirement or government request; to safeguard the Company, our customers, or the general public; or to identify, prevent, or otherwise resolve public safety, fraud, security, or technical concerns.

  • We provide you with access to third-party services and products for use on or via This information may be accessible to third parties for this reason. You will be notified if a third party is involved in your transactions, and we will disclose personal information about consumers associated with such transactions with the third party.

  • As we continue to grow our company, we may sell or buy other businesses or services. Customer information is usually one of the business assets transferred in such transactions, but it is still bound by any prior Privacy Notice's promises (unless, of course, the customer consents otherwise). If, Excelli PVT LTD, or any of their affiliates, or substantially all of their assets, is acquired, customer information will, of course, be one of the transferred assets.